Green Family1

Green family Bar Mitzvah Tour – June 2018

Rami is a great tour guide and my family of 5 (including 3 boys) really enjoyed our time with him. He was really patient in the planning process while we honed our trip. Then, once we arrived in Israel, Rami had great energy, terrific insight and fantastic knowledge. We enjoyed historic sight, spiritual sights, active/outdoorsy sight and Rami did it all with a smile, a joke and wonderful facts and details. We loved our trip to Israel!

Lauren Green

Dallas, Texas


Jim & Ann – May 2018

Rami was our guide for two days. He is very knowledgeable and fun to be with. We had a wonderful tour, good food, and great memories. Without any reservation My wife and I would recommend Rami and will ask him to be our guide when we return to Israel.

Jim & Ann

Houston Texas


Ryan Rudow – April 2018

Rami provides an absolutely incredible touring experience of Israel. One day he took a wedding group of about 17 of us to Jerusalem for the day and the other day he took my family (a group of 5) to the Dead Sea and Masada. His knowledge is unmatched and his level of detail really made the experience most enjoyable. Rami can arrange transportation as well. His tours are great for all – couples, families, friends, business events, etc. His rates are fair and reasonable and he really went out of his way to make sure he was providing a memorable experience to all. Thanks Rami!

Ryan Rudow

New York

Karen Thor and Gari

Karen & Gari – March 2018

Dear Rami,
WOW what a FANTASTIC time we had with you. You are a delight!! We enjoyed every moment with you: your kind spirit, your incredible knowledge (and English!!), your funny humor and your amazing guiding skills!!
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!

Karen Thor

Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Cohen family – February 2018

My family with 2 teenagers spent a week with Rami touring through all the highlights of Israel. Wherever we went, Rami was incredibly well-prepared and shared his deep knowledge and love for Israel. Highly recommended!

Michael Cohen, San Francisco


Blinder family Bar Mitzvah trip – December 2017

My family with 4 teenagers plus more extended family spent 5 days with Rami touring all over Israel. Rami had unending knowledge about every place we visited and answered all of our questions thoroughly. He was easy to work with and could easily relate to the various ages in our group from 13-80. I highly recommend Rami to anyone touring Israel! Unforgettable experience for all!
Carol Blinder
St. Louis, Missouri

Schiffman family trip to Israel – November 2017

Our experience with Rami was fantastic. We couldn’t have asked for a better person to spend time with. He gave us insight into Israel’s history and culture. He mixed information with fun by using new technology to blend education and experience. We highly recommend Rami to enhance anyone’s visit to Israel.

Kris Schiffman

Chicago, Illinois

קרלה רוזנברג

Rosenberg Family – August 2017

My siblings and i hired Rami for three consecutive days. He was extremely punctual every morning and even enjoyed a cup of coffee with us at the hotel restaurant before we hit the road. His ability to refer to biblical verses and imply it to where we were on that particular day was a very special experience. I highy recommend Rami to anyone touring in Israel.

Carla Rosenberg

Dallas, Texas


Fink Family, Bar Mitzva trip – June 2017 

Rami was a fantastic tour guide! We could all just feel the sense of pride that he has for Israel. He is so knowledgeable and interesting and knows how to incorporate some humor as well. Plus, he is so accommodating, flexible, and caring. In addition to the Bar Mitzvah, the entire trip to Israel was truly amazing. There is no way to adequately describe being on the land where everything began. Rami really helped all of us to connect the dots of history which gave us such a stronger sense of our heritage, our religion, and the people to whom we belong.

Jodi Fink

Springfield, Verginia


Brian Shelly, March 2017

I’m a Captain with a major U.S. Airline-who frequents Israel 2-3 times/month. I’ve taken many private tours-the latest a private tour of Masada/Dead sea-with tour guide Rami. If you are looking for a first class experience-look no further! Rami is punctual/flexible and the most reliable. He arrived at our hotel 15 minutes before our private tour-and is open to providing you with his tour or altered to your needs and or wants. He is very knowledgeable-being born and raised in Jerusalem, we received an insight to living in Israel. He is also very knowledgeable on the history of Israel-which gave us a great insight to the areas toured. His english is excellent-which in the past with some tour guides has been an issue. A fellow crew member introduced me to Rami-and I look forward to my next tour with him. As stated above-if you are looking for a first class experience – contact Rami-you will have a tour of a lifetime!!


Sheri Greenblatt, November 2016

Rami made our son’s Bar Mitzvah trip unforgettable! From climbing Masada to visiting Shiloh and everything in between, he made history come alive. I can’t recommend Rami enough, he is caring, thoughtful, responsible, and loads of fun!


Craig Unger, June 2016

We returned last month from a two-week tour to Israel both for sight-seeing and for my son Jeremy’s Bar Mitzvah. Rami Reuveni was our tour guide but he was so much more than that. Rami studied at Bar Ilan University and is incredibly knowledgeable about Israel and its history.

Together we visited the Galilee, the Dead Sea, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and many small towns and sites along the way. Rami was extremely knowledgeable about each site and his presentation of the history, conflict and achievement that have marked Israel’s past was truly gripping and really promoted deep conversation and discovery. Rami was so knowledgeable that I often found other individuals and even tour guides listening to him in order to learn more.

Rami’s knowledge was just one facet of what makes him such an incredible guide. After a short few days the connection between Rami and my family grew deep, everyone loved him from the kids to the grandparents and we now consider Rami part of the family. Rami is such a kind individual. When my younger got sick he couldn’t do enough for him. My mom is not that mobile and Rami was so understanding, he made her feel comfortable when she couldn’t do something but also he provided great motivation for my mom to see more than she otherwise would have.

I can’t say enough about Rami, he is a wonderful person in addition to a phenomenal guide. Rami has my respect and the love of our family. You would be very lucky to spend a week or two touring with him.

Craig Unger

CTO and Co-Founder
Azuqua Inc
Seattle, Washington


Capt. Andy Franko (pilot, United Airlines), April 2016

Rami, I would like to commend you for that wonderful tour you provided for my flight crew and my self. Your knowledge and expertise was greatly appreciated. I learned so many things from you that I will never forget. I can say with the utmost confidence ,this was an unforgettable tour. You live in a country with so much history and beauty; I truly believe Israel is a country that everyone should visit. If you have a chance to visit the USA , I hope you can come and visit the state of Colorado.I would enjoy giving you a tour and an opportunity to fly a B-787 simulator at United Airlines flight training center in Denver. Todah Rabah my friend,



Mrs. And Mr. Kitty and Dan Alper, March 2016

Rami is a fabulous tour guide. He helped make our family trip to Israel amazing. He is very knowledgable and brought the history alive on our tour. The adults and kids love him. I recommend Rami to everyone going to Israel. Rami is a national treasure!
Best of luck,
Kitty and Dan
Manhattan NY


Dr. and Mrs. Steve and Pelley Brown, June 2015

Shalom, Rami! Steve and I can’t thank you enough for the outstanding experience we had traveling with you as our guide when we were in Israel
We know that our trip changed us. We saw things we had only read about, we understood what Israel faces every day, and we appreciate all it and its amazing people (of which you are one!) have achieved. Our trip could never have been as outstanding as it was without you, Rami. Your information, your appreciation for the biblical connections which you shared with us, your appreciation for the beauty of your country and your desire to share that with us, your enthusiasm and love for your country, your determination to make certain we saw as much as we possibly could in the 10 days of travel time we had, and your commitment to us in every way throughout our trip made our experience in Israel much more valuable and enjoyable than we could have hoped it would be. We can’t thank you enough and have already told our friends about you and all you did for us.

Again, Rami, thank you for everything. We truly enjoyed being with you,
Pelley and Steve


The Stein family, May 2015

Our family decided to travel to Israel to plant a tree in honor of my dad’s recent passing. Rami worked closely with us for several weeks prior to the trip to customize the perfect itinerary for an immersive and authentic experience, and met us at the airport with a warm smile and a big hug. He was the best guide we could have asked for our private family trip. Rami’s knowledge of the country, passion for its history and love of the Israeli people is infectious. He is the best you can get, and I don’t say that lightly. He drove us around the country as if we were taking a road trip with a great friend. When it was time to plant the tree in my dad’s memory, Rami found us an exclusive spot in a honorable location to leave my dad’s mark in the Holy Land. It was an amazing gift that he gave us, and we are truly grateful for his kindness and effort in finding a special location, which my dad deserved. Whenever our family, our children and our children’s children go to visit that tree, we will tell them about Rami and his amazing soul. He has become a very close friend to our family from the experiences we’ve shared together and we are lucky to know him. We had the time of our life and can’t wait to go back to share more special memories with Rami. He represents all that’s wonderful in Israel, and I promise you that you will have an experience of a lifetime with Rami as your tour guide.

Alicia Stein-Harris
Dix Hills New York


Yoni and Esti Moses, December 2014

Our family went to Israel for our Son’s Bar Mitzvah. Rami was our tour guide and outdid himself!! Rami’s ability to bring history to life is truly amazing. He worked with our youngest child to our oldest, bringing Israel to life with visual aids. He was an amazing tour guide who made our trip to Israel out of this world!!! We highly recommend Rami as the best tour guide!!!

Esti and Yoni Moses,
Brooklyn NY


Martin and Kien Walizadeh, February 2014:

Dear Rami,

You have truly given us a wonderful sightseeing tour through Jerusalem.Your organization is nothing short of superb, your knowledge is wide, and we have both appreciated the care you have taken with each of us.

Martin and Kien Walizadeh,
Kepfenberg, Austria


Dr. and Mrs. Miles and Marci Gorenkoff, October 2013:

It is our pleasure to recommend Rami Reuveni as a personal guide while visiting Israel. We were put in touch with Rami through our son who was part of Rami’s Birthright group and who also had a wonderful experience.

Rami’s knowledge of the history and politics of Israel was extensive. He not only made our trip memorable but also a moving experience that brought us closer to our heritage and made us feel very connected to Israel, and it’s struggle to become a country after World War II.

We planned our itinerary together and stressed that we wanted to see and do as much as possible in our short time there. Rami definitely lived up to the task. During our ten-day stay, we were able to see more than we ever thought possible.

Rami would occasionally take out his bible and read us excerpts that described the very location and history of the place we were standing on. It truly made us feel as though we were reliving history from biblical times.

Rami never made us feel rushed. If we needed more time than planned at a site, like the Holocaust Museum, we took it. He catered to our travelling needs and made our trip very easy and exactly how we wanted it to be.

We liked the idea of private tour guide. We never had to wait for a tour group to assemble or that other’s may have had to wait for us if we wanted to spend more time at a particular destination.

Rami has a very easy going, pleasant way about him. We enjoyed his company, knowledge, and his sense of humor. He took care of all our hotel and travel arrangements without any problems. We had a great and memorable time in Israel, largely due to Rami’s guidance. We would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone who wants to travel with a personal guide.
Dr. and Mrs. Miles and Marci Gorenkoff
Holbrook, New York


Russell & Ilana Brennan, August 2013:

We were introduce to Rami by our daughter, Diandra, Rami was her Birthright guide. We had never been to Israel and wanted to have an authentic experience bypassing commercial tours. Rami worked with us over several months via email to craft a trip appropriate for a family with two teenagers – a combination of historical sights and engaging activities. Rami went above and beyond from the moment he met us at the airport. Rami introduced us to local people on a kibbutz, in the Negev and Jerusalem. We had exhilarating experiences like looking over the border into Syria from a foxhole, riding camels in the Negev and seeing a rare breathtaking view of the Temple Mount from Rami’s friend’s home in Jerusalem. Rami’s planning was flawless – he made the best use of our time. He chauffeured us around the country and was always a pleasure. We had the time of our life and feel we have gained a dear friend.

Russell & Ilana Brennan
Scarsdale, New York USA