Rosh Hanikra

First of all, where are we? This site is located at the most north-western point of the map of Israel, just a few yards from the Lebanese border.

Before taking the cable car and exploring the site, there is something very unique we should see: A mile away from the beach there are some islands which seem to be ‘popping out’ of the water. These islands are apparently part of an ancient sandstone range that was once connected to the beach. Archeolo

gists have found on these islands many signs of quarrying from thousands of years ago.

When we look back, we can see the ‘Ladder Range’. This range is part of the Galilee Mountains and its name comes from its shape. This range is mentioned a few times in Jewish history but the most interesting source talks about Abraham’s arrival in the land of Israel: “When Abraham arrived at the Ladder Range… he said: If I could only have a part of this land” (Bereshit Raba 39)

After enjoying the view and going down the cable car, we can start exploring this amazing site.

 The biggest excitement is walking through the Grottos. This phenomenon was created thousands of years ago. Underground shaking caused small cracks inside the huge rocks. The rain and the salty waves from the sea expanded those cracks and sculpted those beautiful grottos.

As we leave the Grottos we see a huge tunnel to our right.

Today, an Israeli would fly in order to reach Europe, but until August 1942 this could be done by train! When the British controlled this land, they wanted to have a connection to Lebanon and therefore they created a new train line from Haifa to the city of Tripoli in Lebanon. The line from Lebanon to Turkey already existed. The tunnel that we see was blown up by Israel during the Independence War in order to prevent the Arabs from transferring troops to the country.

This site is opened every day from 9AM – 6PM (summer time) / 9AM – 5PM (winter time)