Jewish Heritage tour (optional itinerary):

Day 1
Head north along the coastal road arriving to ancient Caesarea and the Caesarea Harbor, with its thrilling, multi-media presentation – you’ll see ancient history come to life. Continue with Atlit Camp, a detention camp established by the authorities of the British Mandate, it tells the story of the ‘illegal’ Jewish immigration to Israel. North of here is the port city of Haifa, draped around the slopes of Mt. Carmel. From the Observation Point, view the newly constructed Persian Gardens at the Bahai Center, a series of terraces extending above and below the gold domed Shrine of the Bab. Next is the City of Akko – including ‘Or Tora‘, the magical synagogue, and the Old City Market. Last thing for this day is Rosh Hanikra – Visiting the limestone grottoes in the Mediterranean Sea – one of the greatest phenomena in Israel.

Overnight: North

Day 2

We start our day in an amazing overlook the upper Galilee from the old Syrian post of Tel Facher- discussing the six-day war and Eli Cohen. Next is Tel Dan We will go on an incredible hike in the Dan River, exploring nature and the biblical exhibits at this site. Continue with an exciting Jeep ride and breathtaking panoramic views of the entire area of the Galillee Mountains. Last thing for today is Safed, the center of Jewish mysticism during the middle Ages. We walk through the picturesque streets to visit one of the special synagogues and the famous Artists’ Quarter.

Overnight: North

Day 3

Starting our day in an Over look into Syria from the old Israeli outpost atop of Mount Bental– discuss the complex situation with Syria. Next is ‘Jilabul’. We will go on a small hike, refresh ourselves in one of the water springs and return to our Van. Continue in one of the most amazing wineries in the country, The Golan Heights Winery, We will taste the colorful wines they produce from the local vineyards. Last thing for today is a visit in the ancient synagogue at the Ancient Talmdic Village in the Golan Heights.

Overnight: Jerusalem

Day 4
Starting our day from Mt. Olives. We will get a panoramic view of Jerusalem from the east before we enter to the old town. We’ll go through the narrow, winding streets of the Old City through the reconstructed Jewish Quarter including the different synagogues and the Cardo, once the main Byzantine shopping streetWe visit the Davidson Center and the Southern Wall Excavations. The steps you’ll walk upon are the very ones used by the Jewish community to enter the Temple Mount. Next, we visit the Kotel-Western Wall, holiest site in Judaism and the symbol of Jewish longing for Jerusalem.

Afterwards, we walk through the Western Wall Tunnel, following the route of an ancient Hasmonean/Herodian street that ran parallel to the Wall. We continue with the City of David, the place where Jerusalem was founded. We will take a walk through Hezekiah Tunnel and appreciate this 2,700-year-old engineering achievement, ensuring a safe water supply to the city.(B)

Overnight: Jerusalem

Day 5
We start at Yad Vashem, memorial to the Holocaust; visit the Museum and the Children’s Pavilion and walk along the Avenue of the Righteous. Continue with Herzl Museum – Relive the fascinating life of Theodor Herzl, the founder of Zionism. Next the Israel Museum– including the famous Dead Sea Scrolls and the 2nd Temple period Model. We finish our day with the Machane Yehuda market, the biggest colorful open market in the city. Smelling, tasting and feeling the authentic food and special drinks

Overnight: Jerusalem

Day 6:

We drive to the south and enjoy a quick Camel Ride. Next is a visit in Qumran, where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found. Continue to Masada as we drive to the Dead Sea region, the lowest place on earth. We ascend by cable car to this last stronghold of the Zealots in their struggle against the Romans. (Masada was declared a “World Heritage site”). We tour Herod’s Palace, synagogue and bath house. The day continues in Ein Gedi. At this amazing oasis to which King David escaped when he ran away from King Saul. We will go on a small hike, refresh ourselves in one of the water springs, and visit the 1,600-year-old synagogue. Last thing for this day is floting and enjoying the Dead Sea.

Day 7

We start with the Diaspora Museum, the museum of the Jewish people, which contains an incredible collection of Judaica. You’ll have an opportunity to see how the museum traces 2,500 years of Jewish life around the globe though special themed exhibits.

We return to the colorful open-air Carmel Market and the lively pedestrian mall at Nachlat Binyamin Street with its outdoor cafes, restaurants and strolling musicians. We continue with Machon Ayalon, the underground Jewish bullets factory from the British Mandate period. ‘For dessert’ we’ll take an amazing tour of the Old City of Jaffa, the ancient port town with 4,000 years of outstanding history.

Overnight: Tel Aviv

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