8) IDF Heritage Tour

“How could it be that paratroopers cry? How could it happen that they touch the wall and are so moved? How does it happen that after the tears comes singing? Maybe it is because young men of 19 years, who were born with the establishment of the State, carry on their shoulders 2,000 years…” (Chaim Chefer)

The Jews are the only nation in the world to return to their ancestral Homeland after thousands of years and reestablish their sovereignty. The process wasn’t easy and they had many huge challenges to overcome. In this tour we will explore together some of the main sites and stories related to the establishment of the State of Israel.

  • Machon Ayalon – The underground Jewish bullets factory during the British Mandate period. This factory provided critical assistance in the battles against the Arabs until Israel got its independence.
  • Latrun – The British fortress that became the strongest military position during the War of Independence (1948). The museum there depicts the battles and shows a wide collection of Israeli and Arab army tanks.
  • Kiryat Anavim IDF cemetery – We’ll learn about some of the heroes who dedicated their lives for the country, hearing their stories and some of their songs.
  • Castel – Overlooking Jerusalem in an old bunker and exploring one of the most important battles of the 1948 war, the battle on the only road that led to Jerusalem.

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