7) The Galilee Mountains and Golan Heights (2-day tour)

“I saw the land of milk and honey in Tzipori, it was 16 miles long and 16 wide” (Talmud, Megila 6)

The Galilee and the Golan Heights were a favorite place to live for the Jews after the destruction on the 2nd Temple in 70 AC. In this tour we’ll explore the area’s Jewish history, understand the influence one religion had on another, and enjoy the unbelievable view of this region.

First day:

  • Beit Shearim – We’ll explore this ancient town and the most impressive Jewish sepulcher, seeing all kinds of sarcophagus and understanding the meaning behind its special design and decorations.
  • Tzipori – An ancient town from the Roman period. The site holds a rich and diverse historical and architectural legacy and includes 40 different ancient mosaics and many other unique findings.
  • Mount Arbel – We’ll drive to an unforgettable lookout on the Golan Heights, the Sea of Galilee, and the northern Galilee, exploring the caves and the tunnels from King Herod’s time. We will also swim in the Sea of Galilee.

Second day:

  • Jilabun Stream – We start our day with a small hike, seeing the most amazing waterfall in the region (swimming optional).
  • Jeep Ride – We explore the region’s different animals, plants, and water springs, getting out of the keeps to smell and touch nature.
  • Golan Heights Winery – We will taste the colorful wines they produce from the local vineyards.
  • Ben-Tal Mountain – An unforgettable sunset, exploring an old IDF bunker + an overlook to Syria.

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